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10 things brides would change about their wedding day

Here at Pink Blossom Weddings we have spoken with 10 brides to get their view on what they would change about their wedding day, not to be negative of course! But to help all you bride and groom to be’s to ensure your day is absolutely perfect! Don't forget to share with your friends!

1. Don’t skimp on the photographer

Three brides had this on their list. Do your research and we are not saying go for the most expensive by any means but going for the cheap option, or your friend's mate is not always the best idea! This is a day you want to remember forever and unfortunately as the years pass so do memories. It’s imperative to have photographs that not only provide the memories but showcase the whole day exactly how you want and remember. Research styles you like and have a briefing with your photographer and ideally have a test shoot. A test shoot won’t allow everything that you want to be captured, but you will most likely want some ‘posed’ shots and its good to get the style right. Also make a list of what shots you definitely want and what people you want in what shots.

2. Have the speeches before the meal

For many people speeches do not come easily, which means they can’t relax or enjoy their meal until its done. So why not have the speeches first? However timing has to be considered here as you don’t want your guests starving! So consider what time the wedding breakfast starts and if possible offer canapés before the wedding breakfast.

3. Don’t drink before the ceremony

This came up a lot! You may loose track of how much you are drinking as you will be drinking at the wedding breakfast and people will be buying you drinks throughout the day and things lets say – get forgotten! So try to avoid too many proseccos or champagne with the bridesmaids before the ceremony, as you want to remember every minute!

4. Create a play list for the DJ

Some brides were a little disappointed lets say on the music choice, and it’s not really appropriate to be spending the night at the DJ stand asking for requests. So be sure to create a playlist between you and your partner to ensure the music is not only your cup of tea but your grans!

5. Change the best man's speech

This is a difficult one I know as you are not supposed to know what they are going to say before hand. But two brides said they were too long and boring! And another two said they were highly embarrassing. Best man's speeches are meant to be cheeky and a little embarrassing of course, but not too cheeky! So it may be worth asking the best man's partner or one of your trusted friends to listen to it before hand – sell it to them as a great way for them to practice! And set a time limit on everyone's speech. Nothing worse than your guests being bored and Aunt Mary falling asleep!

6. Think about the room styling

Two of our brides said they were never really into styling, they considered it ‘fuss’. They concentrated on the dress and the flowers and that was about it. Looking back at their photos and attending other people's weddings they wished they had considered it more than they did. We know weddings can get out of hand but you don’t have to spend a fortune for your ceremony and wedding breakfast room to be transformed. Remember this is your day, you can have the room styled to match your personal style. If you have always been a boho chic follower then go for a boho style wedding, if you love the arts then pull this into your theme. Just remember not to act on a whim. What you love this year and maybe is on trend may not look great in 10 years time when your are looking back at your photos. Stay true to your style and what you love and have always loved!

7. Have my make up done professionally

A few of our brides had either done it themselves or got one of their bridesmaids to do it. This is a great cost effective way of doing it and for some brides it worked. But for others who did it themselves, it was too stressful. You may do it day in day out, but your wedding day should be as relaxing as it can be. So don’t put any undue pressure on yourself. For those whose friends say they will do it, how qualified are they? How good are they? Sometimes the trials work out but it doesn’t on the day! You will surprised how fast the ‘getting ready’ part goes. Leave it to the experts, they are trained, experienced and used to working fast and under pressure.

8. Have a video of the day

This is often seen as an additional expense that many think can be forfeited, but a number of brides wished they had had one. Photos will always be required but video captures sound – your ‘I dos’, music, peoples reactions. You are going to spend a lot of money on this one day, that will go by in a blur Wouldn’t you want to remember every little detail after all that planning?

9. Not talking to all my guests

Guests will never hold this against you, as you have a lot going on and people don’t necessarily expect it, but many brides woke up the next day and worried that they hadn’t spoken to enough guests. A great idea to consider is to leave an empty space on each table at your wedding breakfast, so once you have eaten you can mingle with all your guests.

10. Take a breath

Last but not least remember to stop and take a breath. Everyone will say to you ‘the day goes so fast’ and you may be left feeling a little confused, thinking ‘But it’s a full day and night!’ Believe me, you will wake up in the morning and it will feel like someone pressed fast forward on the whole day. So throughout the day ‘take a breath’, press pause, look around and take pictures for your memory bank and do it throughout the day and night.

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