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2019 wedding styling trends

For all those planning a wedding in 2019, if you haven't decided on your styling yet, now's a good time to think about it. Here are the top trends that you can expect to see in 2019. But remember it's your wedding so don't be ruled by trends as they are just trends, and you want to look back at your pictures and love the styling forever.

All things coral

Coral was announced as the Pantone colour of the year, so we will see this colour start to filter through into weddings in 2019. It is a lovely bright uplifting colour that works with many peoples skin tone. Perfect for summer weddings mixed with pale peach and also sage or mint green (a colour also set to be big for spring 2019). Coral can equally be beautiful mixed with browns and burgundy to add a little colour to a winter colour palette.

Inspired by nature

The use of greenery and foliage became popular after green was announced the Pantone colour of the year in 2017. Adding foliage to tables and aisle runners creates a classic and rich look and works with any colour scheme, particularly gold. Keep foliage loose rather than structured.

Banqueting tables

Here you see a range of banqueting type settings with lots of low florals. This has been all over Instagram in 2018. It looks amazing and is such a social set up. One of my favourites. Use height and depth with varying levels of low florals and candles.

Pampas grass

This has become popular in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019. It can be used anywhere and matched with any colour. Use on floral arches, in bouquets and in large arrangements at the ceremony aisle entrance for an instant wow factor. It works particularly well for those wanting a boho style theme wedding.

Coloured florals

Classic white and blush pink florals have been a popular colour for some time but we will see more brightly coloured florals in 2019. Red, maroon and even orange will be coupled with blush pink to add a more vibrant and bold look.

Floral installations

This will continue to be a trend thanks to the royal wedding styling this year. Florals don't come cheap so if you love this look, be prepared to pay and go with one large display to create a focal point.

Floral hoops

These became popular late this year and will continue next year. From hanging decorations, to table decorations and handheld bouquets, they look simply stunning. Watch out for my table design showing this trend coming soon...

Gold and brass

Gold sparkle is out and muted gold and brass is in. It has a real vintage feel to it and works with all colour palettes particularly popular colours such as blush pink and navy.

Coloured candles

Coloured candles can instantly transform a tablescape. And in 2019 we will see the introduction of striking black, which makes a wonderful contrast against pastel hues. It also looks amazingly rich against luxurious hues, such as maroon and emerald green,


We have started to see hints of this and it looks truly stunning. It oozes opulence. It creates warmth, texture and depth to a table. For real luxury use this material as a table runner, alternatively use velvet ribbons tied around napkins.

Keep it simple

Less is often more, and as venues increasingly become more beautiful there isn't the need to over do the decor. Low simple arrangements and an airy colour palette with accents of glass will continue to be popular. After all classic will never go out of fashion!

I hope this has given you some food for thought on what style you may like for your wedding. If you are a little confused on what you like, what style your decor should take, or how to implement these trends in your wedding just get in touch. Don't forget to like and share our blog.

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