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Autumn Wedding Colour Inspiration

With Autumn in full bloom, we thought it was a good time to start our seasonal colour inspiration blog. We will be kicking off with Autumn inspiration and will next publish Winter, followed by Spring and Summer. So don't forget to like and follow our Facebook page to see when these are launched.

I seem to fall more in love with Autumn every year, the colours of nature are truly amazing and therefore in some ways the Autumn colour palette is easy as you just look to nature for influence. However these are often strong colours and therefore it's essential to team with muted neutrals so as not to over power the overall look.

Many people often decide upon one colour as a wedding colour scheme, which can be very hard to control as different fabrics and substrates mean you will never achieve the same colour throughout, Having a variety of colours allows you to play a little and dial up or down the colour you love the most. It also creates interest and adds depth to the overall look.

Berry Delicious

Maroon, wine and berry colours will always be a key colour for Autumn. You only have to look at the fabulous maroon colour of the leaves for inspiration, it's a wonderfully rich and warm colour. This colour could act as your lead colour for the bridesmaid dresses or even the groom's suit. Alternatively you could opt for grey or dusky pink with maroon accents (like a bow tie for the men and sashes for the ladies). The brighter wine colour will be perfect in your bouquets to brighten and lift the whole colour scheme, whilst the rich rust colour will add depth. Your table and room decor can be mix of maroon, grey and dusky pink.

Ever Green

A wonderfully rich colour palette that oozes luxury and sophistication. The forest green colour is the pinnacle colour here. A fabulous colour for your bridesmaid dresses and as a decor colour, use it in your wedding stationery right through to your table decoration. It lends its self well to team with other green colours, so foliage and lots of it, will work wonders within this look. Gold accents within your table decoration and chair covers will add a luxurious feel and adds warmth. The delicious rust colour is rich and powerful and therefore should be used in small doses, so use this colour in your bouquets and flower decoration. The mint and grey colours, again will work well as accents throughout.

Bronze and Teal

This striking teal colour is a great step on from the popular navy colour of recent years. Adding copper really brings this colour to life and adds a level of luxury to the palette. Copper is still going strong both in home decor and weddings and gives a little more of a modern take to the usual gold or silver colours we have seen in recent years. The teal colour will work well for your bridesmaid dresses as well as the men's suits, It can be used sparingly within the room decoration, accented with copper and dusky pink. The dusky pink or this fresh cloudy blue colour will work well for the men's cravats, bow ties or ties, whilst the whole palette can be brought together within your floral arrangements.

Heavenly Grape

This colour palette seems to wrap you up in a big cozy hug. It has a down to earth informal chic about it that just seems so effortless. The grape or mauve colour will work equally as well for your bridesmaid dresses, whilst the men could wear a soft light grey suit with the grape, pine green or mauve colour as their accent colour. The grape colour can take the lead within your room decoration with green foliage being key to the look. Use the grape colour sparingly as it is very strong. Mix with a lots of light grey and mauve for a truly stunning feminine effect.

Here at Pink Blossom Weddings, we have loved working on these Autumnal colour schemes and we hope you enjoyed them too. Don't forget to share with your friends. And watch out on our Facebook page for our next seasonal blog - Winter, coming soon. Follow and like our Facebook page at for more ideas and inspiration.

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