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How do I choose a wedding theme?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

This is what many brides have to consider and it is a big decision as it leads how your whole wedding will look. From your stationery to table décor to your bouquets and cakes. So this decision should not be taken lightly and there are lots of things that can influence this. People often ask do I need a wedding theme? I would suggest you do as it will give you a focus and make the decision making process easier as you go though the planning process, as you have a clear style to guide you. If you don't you can end up just making decisions based on how you feel on that particular day and end up with a mish mash of ideas that don't work together. Please don't get confused with colour scheme. A colour scheme is separate. Some wedding themes lend themselves to certain colours but not generally, once you have decided upon your theme you can then choose your colour scheme. Read on to learn more and watch out for our up and coming blog on the most popular wedding themes and how best to create those themes.

1. Your venue

Your venue is the biggest leading influence in deciding upon your wedding theme. Ultimately it is your wedding day and you can have exactly what you like but if for example you are choosing a barn venue it would suit a rustic style wedding theme. If you choose a grand stately home you may want a traditional or glam type theme.

2. The season

You may want the season to influence your theme. So for example if you are getting married in Spring you may want your theme to have a country garden type theme or if its a summer wedding you may go for a beachy vibe. If it's a Autumn/Winter wedding you may want to go with a rustic ethereal vibe with lots of foliage and candles. I mentioned above your wedding theme doesn't always have an impact on your colour scheme. But when you let the season influence your wedding theme then your colour scheme will also come into play. As a beach wedding you would expect to see some lovely mints and dusty blues and maybe some bright coral. A rustic, ethereal Autumn/Winter theme will have lots of foliage so a lush green colour palette suits the theme, where you can add metallic gold for a wonderful contrast which adds more depth and warmth.

3. Your dress

You may fall in love with a dress and the style inspo may start right there. It may be a simple effortlessly chic boho style dress which leads you to a more relaxed boho style wedding or it may be a classic cut dress with lace sleeves that inspires you to have a traditional classic wedding or it maybe a soft whimsical type dress with cap sleeves that influences you to have an ethereal inspired wedding. Sometimes it maybe that you fall in love with one item such as a head piece which ends up directing your whole wedding theme.

4. Formality

How formal do you want the day to be? If you are a traditionalist and want everything quite formal and proper you may wish to go with more of a traditionally classic theme and possibly add a touch of glam. If you are very informal and just want everyone to have fun and be relaxed you may lean more towards the boho or country garden theme.

5. Your style

Ultimately this is your day and therefore should reflect you as a couple. You want to look back at this day and love every bit of it. So close Pinterest for a moment and close your eyes. What do you see? Can you envisage your wedding day? Have you always dreamed of a rustic barn with fairy lights adorning the beams, with bare wood tables with little jars of flowers? If so rustic is definitely the style for you. Or do you envisage a large ball room with chandeliers and grand arrangements? Then a traditional/glam theme will suit you.

If you struggle to envisage what you like then look at your home. Your interiors and fashion choices will tell you what you like. Do you have a vintage style home maybe or a country cottage style as you may like a vintage and country style wedding? Or it maybe a theme that has meaning, the environment may play a big part in your life and therefore you may want to have an eco friendly wedding with lots of natural textiles like muslin and dried flowers.

I hope this article has given you some help in terms of choosing your wedding theme. But it can all become quite overwhelming as once you have decided upon your wedding style you then need to choose you colour theme. If you feel a little lost then please get in touch, I would be more than happy to help. Please like and share my blog on social media. Links below.

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