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Popular Wedding Themes & How Best To Create Your Chosen Theme

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hi and welcome to Pink Blossom Weddings blog. This blog will tell you all about the most popular wedding themes and some hints and tips on how to create that theme at your wedding. If you are not sure how to choose your wedding theme then please see my previous blog post which will give you some help in this area.

The Rustic Theme

The rustic theme is still going strong and it's not surprising, with its lovely laid back style that can be easily adapted to dial up or down the rustic touches and also introduce your chosen colour theme. This theme works particularly well for venues with a lot of character i.e. pubs and halls with rustic beams and old stone walls and of course it's the perfect theme for barn venues. But that is not to say it couldn't work in a more traditional venue - it may be that you chose a more delicate and feminine rustic style for this type of venue. The key things to include for a rustic vibe is logs and branches, little jars filled with ditsy country flowers and hessian and twine is a must.

The first thing people will receive from you is your save the date, so this is where the theme will start and all your stationery will have the same look right through to your table plan. In terms of your room décor - Jam jars can easily be used with hessian and or lace/ribbon ties to pretty them up. Fill them with your favourite florals or add tea lights - these work great for a venue with a lovely outdoor space for a romantic cute look at night. Sit your jars on logs for the ultimate rustic vibe and don't forget the finishing touches - add a hessian and lace runner to the tables and for a special finishing touch, why not add your place cards or menu to the serviette and tie with twine and add a flower/herb sprig or foliage. If you're not one for flowers, not a problem - go for foliage, its lush green colour palette works amazingly with this theme. Surround a lantern or trio of vases with lots of lush foliage and add wooden tea lights for a more paired back rustic option.

Fairy lights are an amazing addition to a venue with rustic beams - they add ambience and a romantic vibe at night - or alternatively use them in the garden space.

There are so many additions that can be added to a rustic theme to pretty up a dull corner or for a real purpose. Use crates or vintage ladders topped with candles, lanterns, flowers or foliage for decoration or use crates as a welcome drink station, or a ladder to store throws in an outside area to keep people warm, or even use it as a table plan... so many options. Rustic signs are also a great addition - wood signs can welcome your guests or create an order of the day or simply used for directing people.

The Boho Theme

Boho has become increasingly popular and is still filling everyone's Instagram feed not just in weddings but in home interiors. Again this theme can be taken in a few directions - down the true Bohemian route - think colour and lots of eastern influences - patterned rugs and cushions and wood accents, or a more modern interior led look with a more natural and earthy colour palette with lots and lots of pampas grass.

This theme is great for outdoor spaces where you can let your imagine take over and truly make the space what ever you like with cool seating areas set up with cushions, rugs and wooden pallets. The ceremony aisle can be filled either side with pampas grass and reed arrangements with an arch at the front filled with the same.

If you are thinking of hiring a tipi - this theme will work amazingly. If you have a modern urban type space with brick walls then this theme can look fab with the contrast of modern industrial black elements and the soft natural elements of this theme. If you have a pull towards an eco friendly wedding, this ties in nicely, bringing in dried flowers with pampas grass and palm leaves work so well together.

Your wedding stationery can follow this earthy vibe utilising handmade papers and a simplistic design. And if you want to add a modern vibe bring a strong bold black font into the mix.

There are so many boho dress options right now that you will be spoiled for choice. Boho dresses are laid back and effortlessly beautiful and perfect for the free spirited bride. With delicate beading, lace and crochet, floaty fabrics and oversized sleeves, whether you want super informal or super dressy you'll definitely be able to find the right choice.

The Woodland Wisteria Theme

This is one of my favourite themes because it literally works for any venue - old or new. Think foliage and lots of it! Lush greens with twinkling candles, wisteria flowers hanging from the trees, accented with either wood or gold décor.

If you don't want a strong theme or you are not sure on which theme to take, then again this is a good theme to choose as its not over powering and quite neutral and will never go out of fashion.

Wood elements can be added to give it a more rustic vibe or gold or mercury or any metals can be added to give it a more sophisticated vibe - it really is so adaptable. If you want to add a colour theme - this is so easy to do - a few choice selected flowers can be added to the foliage for an instant colour hit or add a soft draping fabric runner in your choice of colour to long wooden tables for an instant instagrammable wedding!

If you are fortunate enough to be getting married in a woodland setting - wow! you don't have to do much to make this theme look truly amazing. Drape fabric or hang wisteria from the trees, tie foliage to your chairs, line the aisle with fairy lights or candles and create the perfect ceremony table using a vintage wood table adorned with flowing fabric, lots of foliage and candles - you have the perfect woodland wedding!

If you are getting married inside, bring the feeling of nature in doors, line the tables with lush foliage runners, create a wooden seating plan with stationery pegged on string and add lots of ,, yes you guessed it foliage around the edge!! Get married in front of an arch or arbour filled with wild foliage to bring the outside in and hang floral hoops and foliage garlands with hanging wisteria from the ceiling.

Your dress can be fairy like and ethereal with soft beautiful flowing and floaty fabric that instantly shouts feminine dreamy and romantic. Finish this look off with a flower crown for you and your bridesmaids.

The Glitz & Glam Theme

Who doesn't love a bit of glam! This theme works particularly well for venues with large rooms, think grand halls with exquisite chandeliers -amazing! You can go subtle glam or all out - totally up to you! Tall and grand arrangements work well with this theme along with metallics and anything that sparkles and shimmers. Any colour theme works with this theme and there are lots of options in terms of décor to bring the theme to life.

Your dress and shoes can be filled with diamantes and sparkles or why not move away from the traditional cream or white and go for a shimmery gold!

Your wedding stationery again can be filled with glitz and glam, either go for cream stationery with a big glam font with a metallic or foil effect added or go all out with a shimmery card stock.

Tall candelabras with hanging jewels and pearls or large floral arrangements will fill the tall room well. Add sparkle, diamante and mercury candle holders to create the glitz and add finishing touches like these diamante napkin rings. Chairs can be finished with lace and diamante brooches to pull the look together. And for those that want to create the wow factor add large white blossom trees with hanging jewels and royal like bride and groom chairs!

The Traditional/Elegant Theme

If you are a traditionalist and want a very elegant and sophisticated affair then this maybe the theme for you. Again this theme will look stunning and will never go out of fashion. You may be led towards this theme as you have chosen a traditional venue - a hall, a manor, a castle type venue or it maybe that you just love this look.

Your stationery will follow a traditional style on a classic white or cream stock with a scrolled font, you may like to add diamonds and pearls to give it a stand out appeal. Your dress could be white or cream and will have classic cut lines with a hint of lace.

Your décor options are endless - you may want to go with a tall traditional candelabra or a grand floral arrangement. Or for a more low key look go for low floral arrangements to add a touch of décor without it being the focus. Cut glass candle sticks and glass candle holders also work well for this theme. Or for a more modern take on traditional - this hoop design filled with florals gives you the sophisticated look whilst bringing in a touch of modern. Soft pastel colours or simply white works particularly well with this simply classic theme.

The Vintage Theme

Although this theme is not as popular as it once was it still has a place and it works well in historic buildings or for those brides who love all things vintage. There are many takes on vintage depending upon your taste but the most common style for this theme is lots of lace and pearls.

It's a very grown up and elegant theme and there are lots of things you can do easily to give your wedding a vintage twist. Fill mini jars with pearls and add delicate roses, add some delicate blooms on top of vintage books and scour charity shops for mismatched vintage crockery - tea cups make great table arrangements filled with florals or candles.

You may be able to pick up a great vintage furniture piece that you could turn into a gin bar! Quirky items and charity shop finds can make great props - just get creative - vintage type writers and vintage luggage - which make for great card boxes!

When it comes to your dress, there are some amazing and unique options. You may choose a true vintage heirloom that you may take to a seamstress to personalise (you can even buy them on Oxfam online!) or you may buy off the peg. Choose a dress with a hint of vintage with delicate lace and pearl buttons or go all out and choose a 1920's inspired intricately beaded flowing gown or why not go for a cute short tea length style!

Garden Wedding

Outdoor weddings are just the best and if you have a venue that enables you to marry in their gardens - all the better as your décor becomes so much easier!

Florals are normally loose and unstructured and colour palettes such as lilacs and sage or peach or simply white work well but generally anything goes - whether you want pastels or brights it really is up to you. Hang flower stems from trees on ribbons or fill jars or lanterns with flowers and hang them in the tress,. White bunting really adds a finishing touch or for a more country fete type feel go with coloured. Fairy lights tied from tree to tree or entwined in the tress will also set a magical scene for night time.

Fill wheel barrows with florals or throws to take the chill off at nights and add signage to an old bike with a basket full of flowers. Tables can be filled with florals in jam jars or jugs, It really is so casual you can have so much fun! Tie your name tag to your napkins with twine and add a sprig of thyme or lavender for a wonderfully smelling finishing touch!

There are so many themes that you could choose, the list literally is endless, but this blogs talks about the themes that we are most asked for but please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your wedding theme and how best to bring it to life or if you are simply struggling on how to choose a theme.

Please like and share this blog and if you have any suggestions for future blogs please just get in touch.

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