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Pros and cons to a destination wedding

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Many of us contemplate whether we should get married at home or abroad. So I have spoken to 5 brides who got married abroad and asked them what were the pros and cons of their wedding. Read on to find out...

The Pros

  • You are almost guaranteed nice weather - depending on where you book and the time of year.

  • It becomes an extended wedding as your friends and family enjoy the build up together whilst also enjoying a fabulous holiday.

  • It is often very intimate as not as many people attend as they would if you got married at home, and for many this was a plus as they didn't feel like they had to invite everyone - i.e. the cousins or the great aunt they never see!

  • The location was often chosen for the scenery therefore the photos looked fab!

  • There was no extra costs for a honeymoon as they were already there. Tip - if guests go for 2 weeks, you book for 3 - then you have a week on your own! Or take time after the wedding to travel to a nearby island.

  • The cost of the wedding is often significantly lower. One bride only paid £12.50 for a free bar all night!

The Cons

  • It can become very stressful trying to arrange guests holiday - so don't do it. Give a list of hotels and any advice or tips you have then let them book it!

  • The language can be a barrier-but this can be overcome with a good wedding planner who can navigate everything for you! Find one that comes highly recommended and you can trust.

  • If you’re going with a wedding planner you can be restricted by the contacts that they have and style of weddings that they have organised in the past. Make sure you do lots of research and discuss up front your expectations before deciding on one.

  • Hair and makeup is very personal, if you choose to go with a local supplier make sure you have a few contacts and do a trial with all of them a number of days before the wedding. If you have a friend or relative you trust, it may be worth asking them to practice on you at home, so if all else fails they can help on the day!

  • The cost of the wedding is linked to the exchange rate so it can fluctuate, which means its hard to budget. One bride got married before the Brexit referendum - if they had married 2 months later it would have cost an extra £3k!l

  • Although not having to invite everyone can be a plus, there maybe people who you really want to attend who can't afford to attend or who are too ill to travel - so be prepared you may upset people - but you can always have a party when you get home and invite everyone!

Remember this is your wedding, you do it your way. People will always have an input in your wedding and tell you who you should invite. But this is your day and one that you will remember for the rest of your life so do your research and go with what's right for you and your partner! Happy wedding planning 💖

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